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Stop Boring Content: Gamify your Learning in 8 steps |

Gamification seems to be one of the most widely discussed topics within the learning community lately, however Game Based Learning (GBL) or Serious Games have been around for quite some time (have any of you played Oregon Trail or a flight Simulator, or learned to program by modding a Portal Level). I think its time to bring it back to the discussion. While there is some industry discrepancy around the terminology (GBL vs. Serious Games), I’m going to mainly focus on describing a basic way to design interesting learning content.


Using an appropriate learning theory or pedagogical basis for developing gamified content is just as important as Gamifying your platform yet it seems that it is not getting as much buzz at the system-level as Gamification Engines within the LMS (thought this is still an extremely interesting subject). While the pedagogical or instructional model of building out Gamified learning objects or serious games is intense and an art form on its own, most serious instructional designers can follow the below steps to accomplish the basics of creating really cool and engaging content.


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