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Handy Web Tools to Help You Grow Your Personal Learning Network ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning



The Sloan Consortium is now The Online Learning Consortium …

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. and DENVER, Colo. (July 7, 2014) — The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C), the leading professional organization devoted to advancing the quality of online learning worldwide, today announced the …


The 5 types of online learners | Kryterion

However, the makeup of each online class varies. Students who decide to learn from a distance have their own reasons for doing so. After they take their course, some students decide to continue learning online while others …


9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Conferences

Having just wrapped up a successful iPadpalooza and seeing all the chatter around ISTE 2014 online, I wondered: what makes a memorable and meaningful conference experience?


Education online: The virtual lab

Confronted with the explosive popularity of online learning, researchers are seeking new ways to teach the practical skills of science.


Instructional Design Strategy for Curriculum Based E-learning Courses

Know instructional design approaches in developing curriculum based eLearning.


Becoming an Instructional Designer – What does it take? – eLearning …

Instructional Design is one such profession that has been evolving at a much faster pace than many other emerging digital-economy professions. Historically, an Instructional Designer supported the creation of, or participated …


Integrate iPads Into Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy W…

The Padagogy Wheel takes an expanded approach Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and offers 62 iPad apps that fit into the organized chaos that is Bloom’s.


History of E-learning and Distance Education | Practising …

E-learning in addition to distance understanding are not quite the same thing. The basic thing that distinguishes distance education is the physical separation of the student from the instructor as well as the class room.


Getting Students to Engage With Digital Learning Materials – 2 Good Strategies

Making Sure Students Really Watch, Listen to, or Read Online Learning Content is Often Cited as a Challenge in the Flipped or Blended Classroom “How do I make sure my students will watch the…


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