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With Sprout, HP bets on remaking the PC as a 3D maker tool | ZDNet

DER IIt’s called Sprout by HP and it’s an all-in-one PC that looks similar to an iMac, but sports a small digital projector on the top of the monitor that projects down onto a mat (where the keyboard would normally be) and creates a second screen that is fully touch-enabled and also works with a digital pen. And the projector also serves as a 2D image scanner and a full 3D scanner for digitizing real world objects.

CNET first take on Sprout
That’s the hardware. The software involves what HP refers to as an “apperating system” called Workspace. It sits on top of Windows 8 and the computer boots directly into this HP environment to access a suite of creative tools. HP has Microsoft’s support on this, which is a first in terms of a third party being sanctioned to bypass Windows and boot into their own environment.




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