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Cox and Verizon both suck


Apparently Fox Television traded WFXT to Cox Media Group in JUne. Now Cox has increased the cost to Verizon of broadcasting Fox shows. They don’t want to pay so WFXT has been removed from our channel options. No more Simpsons, Gotham, or football.

Of course this dispute could have been settled easily but since both sides are greedy media conglomerates, we the viewers have to suffer.

I called Verizon to complain and was sent to a tech-support monkey who apparently is not informed when channels have been cancelled from the line up and was asking if it was now a pay channel. From here i was put on hold for 35 minutes so I could air my complaint to a manager who told me it would be filed, my issue was now closed and “Thank you, for being a loyal customer.”

Next I called WFXT twice @ 781.467.2525 but their phone just rings and no one answers. Very smart on their end. you can send them a disgruntled email via their contact form, but I tend to doubt it will get read.



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