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Technology, How do I love thee …

No tech day

Well to be honest I don’t always love tech.

I use it frequently to teach my class , train others to use it in their class, expect my student to use it for their assignments and exams, help others with their issues with it and even play with my kids with it.

I see and touch technology almost every working moment of my day.  But no I do not love technology. I would like to have a day when I see no blinking screens, don’t have to answer my cell phone, do not type a message or blog post, or edit and upload a video to my channel.

I know that I probably couldn’t do it, My kids freaked out when the lights flickered during Hurricane Sandy, wondering what they would do without cable, Wii, and Club penguin to keep them entertained. But sometimes I do wish for the good old days, the days before smartphones, and the Internet, when we took Walter Cronkite at his word when he told us every night “‘And that’s the way it is.” We believed him because we didn’t know what we didn’t know. For a Connectivist learner that is bad, but for nostalgia it is the perfect way to end an evening.

But technology is a necessary ever changing evil. It is evolving so rapidly that one can not possible keep up with all the old apps and gadgets, never mind the latest and greatest. It makes me wonder who do you follow?


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