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SoTL Student Focus Group on Online Resource Use

this is a playlist of student focus group answering questions about their usage of online materials in class

Just finished undermining my students learning

So another semester is finished and I submitted my grades. not sure if that is a good thing or not. My biggest quandary is what to do with a student that earned a B+ on his final worked on the collaborative exams but turned in very little class or home work. So his weighted average is a D-.

He showed that he understands the material but doesn’t want to put in the time or effort to get a good grade. Which is more important? the knowledge or the effort? How do you balance the two? I am reading both sides of the grading issue, but the fact is that I have to give him a grade.


Was this class worth it?

Well the end is near several of my students have already taken the final, and now I am depressed. While most of the students did better on the final than on the pretest (as they should) two have done worse(?)! Now I admit the final is tough, but still shouldn’t all the students gain some ground after spending a semester with me discussing statistics?

Yes, much of my course contains experimental learning practices. I “flip” the lectures, the students write the exams, we discuss any questions they may have. I include an essay in the final asking them to reflect on a question they created during the semester and try to make it better. All of the ones I have read so far only look to change an incorrect answer provided in the key and leaving the question alone.

Maybe I should go back to the boring lecture, homework, quiz model. It would be easier on me to prepare and grade and I wouldn’t feel I let my students down if they fail to learn something during our time together.

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