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Here is some important information about MAT177-321

  • We will meet online Saturday mornings, 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM, using Blackboard Collaborate
  • We will be using a free web/PDF book (INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS by Illowsky & Dean)
    •   CollabStatsText or Introductory Statistics textbook
    • DO NOT buy a book from the bookstore
    • A printed copy of the RED version can be purchased from for under $20, it takes about 5 days to get to your house
    • The yellow copy is available at for under $35
  • You MUST create a WebAssign account to turn in homework
    • The institution code is middlesex.mass
    • The class key is  – middlesex.mass 7687 9093
  • There are 20 laptops available for 28 students, if you have a laptop or tablet, I suggest you bring it
  • This is a Flipped Class
  • You will be submitting your lecture notes weekly using any tool you want (ie Word, Google Docs, EverNote etc.)
    • Your notes for Chapter 1 are due  before the first class.
    • Also there is an introductory discussion board
  • The weighting system for your final grades has been determined by polling classes since 2013 and here are the results
    • Weekly Classwork & Attendance 10%
      Lecture Notes 13%
      Homework 26%
      Unit Tests & Projects 40%
      Final Project 11%
  • You have a MCC email account, after this all correspondence from me will go there.
    • Make sure you check it!
  • The syllabus and schedule 
    • Notice that the notes for Chapter 1 & Introduction are due BEFORE the first class!
  • You will need a Statistics Calculator (TI-83/84)

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